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San Francisco, Pt.1

Yesterday, I took my camera out for the first time in ages. I was feeling very claustrophobic, so I grabbed my Nikon and headed to one of the top points of the city. I am not a photographer, by any means, but this is part of what I found.

There’s this long, extending pier right behind Ghirardelli square. I sat on a bench out there for at least two hours. I wrote a bit. Listening to a lot music. Cleared my head. It was really nice. Being a weekday and all, there was almost no one out. I virtually had the pier all to myself.

This city can be very demanding. You can easily get wrapped up in the every day busyness of it all. There’s always something to do, and you can feel like you have to do it all, no matter what. Every now and then you just need to stop and think. 

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